Our carrier portal offers real-time
collaboration between driver
and dispatch partners.

Our Transportation Management System
for Carriers & Partners

Improve Collaboration, Communications and Operational Efficiency

KGR Logistics has developed a comprehensive TMS for Partners that offers transportation and inventory management solutions to our valued carriers, warehousing, and logistics vendors. Our cutting-edge technology allows carriers to easily handle shipments for KGR Logistics, providing real-time tracking for all modes, updating pick-up and delivery times, and exchanging load documents online for quick payment processing. With our TMS, carriers can access performance reports and gain visibility for both single and multi-leg shipments, enabling them to provide the highest level of service to their customers.

Features & Benefits​

  • Submit Invoices
  • Check Payment Status
  • Setup Quick Pay
  • Reduce Phone Calls through Self Service
  • Tailored to the needs of our carrier and network
  • Improve & Maintain High Service Levels
  • Increase Opportunities & Earning Potential
  • Reduce Payroll Times
  • Manage all Service Types in One Platform
  • remotely
    Improve Operational Efficiency & Productivity

Ready to haul lucrative loads, eliminate wasted miles
and streamline your business operations?
Now is the time to maximize your earning potential
with the help of our TMS systems for carriers.
Become a KGR Logistics Carrier and put our technology
and freight network to work for you.

Use our TMS for Carriers
to Haul Efficiently

Download & Install the Driver App

All of the load details that drivers need are right there in the app. And the app allows for automatic check-ins and check-outs using GPS location.