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Open Transport

KGR Logistics’ Open Transport service offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for vehicle shipping. Ideal for standard cars and trucks, our open carriers ensure safety and visibility, providing a practical option for nationwide transport. Trust us for an efficient, open-air shipping experience that combines affordability with quality service.

Enclosed Transport

Our Enclosed Transport service at KGR Logistics is the perfect choice for shipping luxury, exotic, and classic cars. Offering enhanced protection from weather and road elements, our enclosed carriers ensure your vehicle arrives in pristine condition. Choose our secure, discreet transport for your most valuable vehicles.

Customized Transport

KGR Logistics specializes in Customized Transport services, tailored to meet the unique needs of your specific vehicle. Whether it’s accommodating special dimensions, handling unique vehicles, or meeting specific schedule requirements, our team provides personalized solutions for a seamless transport experience.

Classic Car Transport

Our Classic Car Transport service at KGR Logistics provides specialized care for your vintage and antique vehicles. With a focus on safety and preservation, we offer secure, climate-controlled options to ensure your automotive treasures are transported with the respect and attention they deserve.

Seasonal and College Transport

KGR Logistics offers convenient Seasonal and College Transport services, perfect for students and seasonal relocations. We provide reliable, timely vehicle transport to and from college campuses or seasonal residences, ensuring a hassle-free experience for students and snowbirds alike.

Military Relocation

Our Military Relocation service at KGR Logistics is dedicated to serving those who serve. We offer dependable, efficient vehicle transport solutions for military personnel and their families, ensuring a smooth transition during postings or reassignments, with special attention to military timelines and requirements.

ATV / Off-Road Vehicle Transport

KGR Logistics’ ATV and Off-Road Vehicle Transport services cater to your adventurous side. We transport ATVs, UTVs, and other off-road vehicles safely and efficiently, ensuring they’re ready for your next outdoor excursion or sporting event.

Hawaii Transport

Experience seamless Hawaii Transport services with KGR Logistics. Specializing in shipping vehicles to and from Hawaii, we handle all logistics, including maritime transport, providing you with a stress-free solution for transporting vehicles across the Pacific.

Alaska Transport

KGR Logistics offers expert Alaska Transport services, navigating the unique challenges of shipping vehicles to and from Alaska. Our team ensures safe, timely delivery, handling the complexities of remote & rugged terrain with ease.

Door to Door Transport

Our Door to Door Transport service at KGR Logistics offers ultimate convenience. We handle the entire process from pickup to delivery, providing personalized, direct transport of your vehicle right to your doorstep, simplifying logistics and saving you time.

Flatbed Transport

KGR Logistics’ Flatbed Transport service is ideal for oversized vehicles, heavy machinery, or non-standard vehicles. Our robust flatbed carriers provide a versatile and secure platform for transporting your unique or heavy-duty vehicles safely.


KGR Logistics provides professional Towing services for emergency situations, breakdowns, or simple vehicle relocations. Our towing solutions are quick, reliable, and available for a wide range of vehicles, ensuring your car is in safe hands no matter the circumstance.

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Discover the efficient methods and expansive reach of KGR Logistics’ transport services, covering local, national, and international destinations, ensuring your vehicle arrives safely, no matter the distance.

Why Choose KGR Logistics?

Our Vehicle Transport service is secure, hassle-free, and reliable. Here is why our Vehicle shipping service is the most suitable.


We understand that every type of Vehicle has specific transportation needs. We can match the requirement to transport any type of Vehicle across the country.

Customer Care

Our Vehicle Transport service provides 5 dimensions of quality: Reliability, responsiveness, assurance, tangibility, and empathy.

Timely Car Delivery

We understand how crucial is the time for you. Our efficient Vehicle Transport carriers ensure that your Vehicle is transported promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Open auto transport is a secure option for most vehicles. It provides reliable and cost-effective shipping, with vehicles usually arriving in the same condition they were loaded.

Yes, we provide online tracking options, allowing you to monitor your vehicle’s location and estimated arrival time.

Enclosed car shipping is generally more expensive due to the extra protection provided for your vehicle. However, the added cost ensures higher security and safeguards your vehicle from various external factors.

Ensure your vehicle is clean, in working condition, and free of personal items. Remove any loose parts or accessories that might be vulnerable during transit.

The auto transport industry comes down to supply and demand for trucks and fuel prices, along with the size of your vehicle and the commonality of your locations. We have our finger on the pulse of the transport world so that each and every quote we send out has been put together by one of our real, live experts who knows how to read the market and offer a good, fair deal to both our Client and our partner carrier… this ensures that our vehicles get on the road in good time and with a quality transporter.

Your Quote is made up of two equally important parts: the Deposit which reserves your place on the carrier and the carrier Pay which covers all of the carrier’s costs. We separate ourselves from the pack by only charging your Deposit once either a.) We have already assigned a carrier to your transport b.) You have returned your signed contract which protects you with our Money Back Guarantee.

We ALWAYS get the best car shipping prices possible that are fair for the customer and the carrier, for those in the emergency services, returning customers, and people moving multiple vehicles. Contact us to explore discounts.

No – We include all costs of transporting your vehicle in our quote. Your quote includes pickup, delivery, insurance, and taxes.

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