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KGR Logistics is dedicated to providing superior RV Moving Service, ensuring your home-on-the-road is transported with the highest care and professionalism. Understanding the unique challenges of moving recreational vehicles, our team offers expert solutions tailored to the specific needs of your RV. Whether you’re relocating, heading to a vacation destination, or transporting your RV for seasonal use, we handle every aspect of the journey with precision. Our comprehensive service includes careful route planning, secure loading, and stringent safety measures, all to ensure your RV arrives at its destination in perfect condition. We utilize advanced tracking technology, offering real-time updates for your peace of mind. With KGR Logistics, you can trust that your recreational vehicle is in capable hands, allowing you to focus on planning your next adventure while we take care of the logistics. Experience seamless, worry-free RV transport with a service that values the importance of your mobile haven.

Types of RV Transport Services

  • Open RV Transport: This is the standard and most common method of RV transportation. The RV is loaded onto an open trailer and securely fastened for transit. It is an economical option and suitable for most types of RVs.
  • Enclosed RV Transport: For added protection and security, we offer enclosed RV transport services. The RV is transported inside an enclosed trailer, safeguarding it from road debris, weather elements, and potential damages during transit.
  • Motorhome Transport: We specialize in transporting motorhomes of all sizes, including Class A, B, and C motorhomes. We ensure the safe and efficient transport of these valuable vehicles to our destinations.
  • Fifth Wheel Transport: AutoStar Transport Express is equipped to handle the transportation of fifth-wheel RVs, providing specialized carriers and securing methods to transport them safely.
  • Travel Trailer Transport: Whether it’s a small camper or a large travel trailer, we accommodate various travel trailer sizes and deliver them securely to their designated locations.

Preparing Your RV for Transport

Properly preparing your RV for transport is essential to prevent damage and ensure a smooth journey. Follow these steps before handing over your RV to the transport service:

    • Clean Your RV: Wash the exterior and clean the interior of your RV to protect it from dirt and debris during transport.
    • Secure Loose Items: Remove all loose items inside the RV and secure cabinets and doors to prevent items from shifting during transport.
    • Check for Leaks and Repairs: Inspect your RV for any leaks or necessary repairs before transport to avoid potential issues.
    • Empty Tanks: Drain the fresh water, black water, and grey water tanks to reduce weight and prevent spills during transport.
    • Disconnect Utilities: Unplug all electrical connections and propane tanks before transport for safety reasons.

How much does it cost to transport an Rv?

It costs an average of $3.50 per mile to transport an RV less than 100 miles, though it might be as low as $1.5 if you’re traveling around 1000 miles. Moreover, the RV shipping cost will differ based on different factors. These factors include the type of RV and how far you intend to transport it, as well as other variables such as gas prices and tolls.

Pro Tips: Check out more on how much to ship a vehicle.
Considering the large variety of factors that affect the price, it’s best to speak to one of our logistics agents or Click on “Get Quotes” below to get an RV transport quote directly from carriers.

For Common Recreational Vehicles and Trailers We Usually Move

There are many types of RVs and motorhomes. All of them are considered recreational vehicles. For safer and more secure RV moving service, we have a number of state-of-the-art transport trailers. We provide professional RV transport services for the following recreational vehicles:

  • Travel trailers
  • Fifth wheels
  • Class A Motorhome
  • Class B Motorhome
  • Class C MotorHome
  • Camper vans
  • Teardrop trailers
  • Expandable trailer
  • Toy haulers
  • Pop up campers
  • Motorcoaches
  • Hybrid trailers

What you should need to know about International RV shipping?

It is important to recognize the type of RV you own because each vehicle will have different restrictions. Here are some basic steps to follow so you are ready to start transporting:

    • Make sure you know which category your RV or motorhome belongs to and if there are any special requirements.
    • Ensure you have all the RV’s paperwork, including the insurance documents.
    • You should check the RV rules and regulations of your destination country. (Some countries call them caravans.)
    • Verify that all RV standards have been met as per the guidelines and regulations.
    • We specialize in both continental and international RV shipping, making sure that your transport is taken care of in the most personal, safe, and economical way.

There is quite a bit of preparation to be done before you can deliver your RV to a shipping company.

RV Transport Methods

  • There are two primary methods for transporting RVs: flatbed towing and wheel lift towing.

    • Flatbed Towing:

    It involves placing the entire RV on a flatbed truck. This method is ideal for large, heavy RVs and provides better protection from road debris and weather.

    • Wheel Lift Towing:

    It is also known as hook and chain towing, which involves lifting the RV by its wheels and securing it with chains. This method is suitable for smaller RVs and shorter distances.

Choosing the Right Method for Your RV Large Vehicle Hauling

The choice between flatbed towing and wheel lift towing depends on your RV’s size, weight, and distance of transport. Consider these factors before making a decision:

  • RV Size: Large, heavy RVs are better suited for flatbed towing, as it offers more stability during transport.
  • Distance of Transport: For long-distance transport, flatbed towing provides better protection and reduces wear and tear.
  • Budget: Wheel lift towing is usually more affordable, making it a viable option for smaller RVs and shorter distances.

Tips for a Smooth RV Transport Journey

Once you’ve selected a transport service and prepared your RV, follow these tips for a hassle-free journey:

  • Confirm Transport Details: Double-check the date, time, and pick-up location with the transport company to avoid delays.
  • Communicate Special Instructions: If you have any specific requirements for handling your RV, communicate them to the transporters.
  • Keep Important Documents Handy: Carry all necessary documents, including vehicle registration and insurance, for a smooth process.
  • Track Your RV: We offer tracking services, allowing you to monitor your RV’s progress during transport.
  • Inspect Your RV on Arrival: Thoroughly inspect your RV upon arrival for any damages and report them to our transport company immediately.

Why Choose KGR Logistics?

Our RV Transport service is secure, hassle-free, and reliable. Here is why our RV shipping service is the most suitable.


We understand that every type of RV & Motorhome has specific transportation needs. We can match the requirement to transport any type of RV across the country.

Customer Care

Our RV & Motorhome Transport service provides 5 dimensions of quality: Reliability, responsiveness, assurance, tangibility, and empathy.

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We understand how crucial is the time for you. Our efficient RV & Motorhome Transport carriers ensure that your car is transported promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is recommended to remove all personal belongings from the RV before shipping to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transportation process. By adhering to this policy, we ensure compliance with safety regulations and help prevent any potential damages or liabilities during transit.

If you’re transporting your RV in cold weather, it’s crucial to winterize it to prevent freezing and damage to the water system.

Yes, when it comes to RV transport, there are size limitations that we consider for safe and efficient transportation. We accommodate a wide range of RV sizes, it is essential to communicate the specific dimensions of your RV to ensure proper arrangements are made for transportation.

The cost of RV transport depends on factors like distance, RV size, and chosen transport method. On average, the cost to transport an RV within the continental United States can range from $500 to $1,500.

For booking RV transport services with us, it is recommended to make arrangements as far in advance as possible. Planning ahead allows for better scheduling and ensures that there is ample time to prepare for the transportation process.

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